Solution for transparent management of blockchain project funds.

FundSafe is a solution for transparent management of project funds.

Often the project team embezzles funds or uses them somewhere unrelated to the project.

We present a new paradigm to solve these problems.

Until Now

Until now, blockchain projects have been very vulnerable to embezzlement and breach of trust because project funds are in the project team.

There is absolutely no safeguards against embezzlement or breach of trust in the project team.

From Now

From now on, project funds will be safely managed by the FundSafe platform.

The ICO/INO funds that were deposited to the project team will be deposited into FundSafe from now on.

To use this fund, the project team must create a funding plan and register a vote to request withdrawal.

If DAO agree, this withdrawal request will be approved, and the project team can withdraw as much as requested.

Even if the business team disappears, reasonable liquidation is possible because most of the funds remain on the FundSafe platform.

Business Model

Funds deposited in FundSafe will be deposited on the DeFi platform, and rewards will be distributed to the FundSafe platform and the project team respectively.




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